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Increase image resolution without losing quality


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PhotoZoom Pro is an application to increase the resolution of any image without the loss of quality associated with the pixel interpolation process.

The technology used by the program is called S-Spline, a patented mathematical algorithm capable of minimizing the effects of zooming.

The number of methods or resizing included in the 10th round of PhotoZoom: Bilineal, Hermite, Bell, Catmull-Rom, Mitchell, Bicúbica and the previously mentioned S-Spline and S-Spline XL.

Additionally, PhotoZoom Pro has several configuration profiles that achieve different results depending on the type of image: soft photography, grainy, portrait, detailed graphics, text, etc.

S-Spline Max enhanced technology.
Now also works as a Photoshop plugin.


PhotoZoom Pro adds a watermark to images.

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